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Step back in time as Chevalier Theatre is transformed into a grand movie palace of the silent film era as part of Arts Across Medford 2016!

While movies then carried no sound, the experience hardly was silent. A pianist, organist, or small orchestra played along with the film to enhance the mood, drama and humor.

 At Chevalier, acclaimed improvisational organist Peter Krasinski will accompany two silent favorites. In “The Rink” (1916), Charlie Chaplin goes from bumbling waiter to man of wealth, crashing a posh party and displaying his amazing roller skating ability.

In “Grandma’s Boy” (1922), Harold Lloyd’s meek character turns into the town’s brave hero, emboldened by a good luck charm from his grandmother. 

And, for the second year in a row, Mr. Krasinski will also accompany a short film compiled from community-submitted video clips. Last year’s film was great fun!

Want to participate this time? Get all the details and watch a video here!


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